Sample VectorWorks Renderings

This Project involved an extensive two story remodel. The local architectural review board was concerned that the second story may overpower the skyline in the neighborhood. I took a picture of the existing home and noted the time and date and the exact position of the camera when we took the photo. Because Vectorworks can set a sun position based on Longitude and Latitude as well as the day of the year, I was able to faithfully reproduce the shadows, for that exact day, on the rendered 3-d model below. Photoshop was used, in addition to Vectorworks, to remove the blue tarp and trailer in the driveway as well as touch up a few other objects. This was more than enough ammo to quell the concerns of the architectural review board.

    3-d renderings & model: kevin keys

design: beery associates

Existing Home
Proposed Remodel