3-d renderings & model: kevin keys

design: genesys design group, honolulu, hawaii


The Rendering above consists of a digital model created in Vectorworks using cars and people as "image props" and placed within the scene. Then the exported rendering was ported into Photoshop and given a very light watercolor filter applied to the scene. The structure was accurately created from a set of working drawings for the Project.


Existing Site Conditions before Additions and New Landscaping



    Proposed Completed Project    
This Project was a challenge on several levels. First, getting the geometry of the new additions, left and right of the main structure, to line up and be to true scale with the existing church, was tricky. It was accomplished in Vectorworks by knowing the exact position from where the panorama photo was taken in relation to the existing building, so when the 3d model of the additions was rotated, it blended correctly with the existing structure. The addition of items like the new pilasters on the existing rock walls and matching existing materials and textures and new landscaping was done in Photoshop.